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Laptop Repair FAQ

What warranty do you offer on laptop repair?

All of our laptop repairs come with a 120 day warranty on parts and labour.

What is your typical turnaround time on laptop repair?

Once a laptop repair is authorized we see a typical 1-2 business day completion and testing time on a repair. If a laptop part is required which is not in our vast in-house stock of parts, up to 3 business days can be added to the repair time as we need to order the needed part(s).

What kind of laptop repairs can you perform?

Since we are able to perform board level repair on laptops, there aren´t many problems we cannot resolve. Some common problems we encounter and repair each day are dark or white displays, systems that don´t power on or turn on then immediately off, cannot charge batteries due to faulty power jacks or similar problems. We also perform more basic repairs such as cracked LCD screens or keyboard replacements, for example.

How long do laptop batteries last?

The life span of a rechargeable laptop battery operating under normal conditions is generally between 600 to 700 charge-discharge cycles. This translates into one and a half to three years of battery life for the average user. As the rechargeable battery begins to die you will notice a decline in the running time of the battery. When a new battery that originally powered the notebook for two hours is only giving an hour´s worth of use, it´s time for a new one.

New laptop battery procedure

New batteries come in a discharged condition and must be fully charged before use. It is recommended that you fully charge and discharge the new battery two to four times to allow it to reach its maximum rated capacity.

How do I clean my laptop LCD screen?

  • Do not spray any liquids on the LCD screen directly, and do not use paper towels, this can cause the LCD screen to become scratched.
  • Always apply the cleaning solution to your cloth first, not directly to the parts you are cleaning. You want to avoid dripping the solution directly into your computer or laptop.
  • Stroke the cloth across the display in one direction, moving from the top of the display to the bottom.

Laptop Battery Storage

If you don´t plan on using the battery for a month or more, we recommend storing it in a clean, dry, cool place away from heat and metal objects. NiCad, Ni MH and Li-Ion batteries will self-discharge during storage; remember to break them in before use. Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) batteries must be kept at full charge during storage. This is usually achieved by using special trickle chargers. If you do not have a trickle charger, do not attempt to store SLA batteries for more than three months.

Can I use any type of cleaning solution on my LCD screen?

No, using alcohol or ammonia – based cleaners repeatedly may cause permanent damage to the LCD. Over time using these types of cleaners could cause the surface of the screen to yellow. It can also make the screen brittle and eventually cause cracking on the screen surface.

NOTICE: The following cleaners are unacceptable:

  • Acetone
  • Ethyl alcohol
  • Ethyl acid
  • Ammonia
  • Methyl chloride