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Virus Removal

Virus removal is the process of removing harmful computer programs that are capable of reproduction and causing a great amount of damage to your computer files. Viruses infect millions of computers around the world everyday and 99% of the people that use a computer regularly had to deal with a virus at least once before. There are many different types of viruses that are capable of anything from producing annoying pop ups to stealing and destroying sensitive information on your computer.

We have the experience and tools to troubleshoot and remove all sorts of viruses. We are trained to execute precise procedures to target the virus and restore all of the changes it has made. Furthermore we will show you how to decrease your chances of getting infected in the future and can install a free antivirus software on your computer.

Our virus removal service includes:

Full diagnostic of your computer

Complete computer scan for threats

Quarantining and cleaning infected files

Repairing files that are corrupted

Install windows security updates

Optimize system performance

Final scan to make sure system is clean

It is extremely important to locate and remove the virus before it spreads throughout your computer system as the faster you remove it the less damage it will create. Most common signs of an infected computer is that it might begin to operate very slowly and programs might not open properly. Also, windows might crash by either freezing or giving you a blue screen error and in certain cases, might send out emails or messages from your computer to your contacts.

The common types of viruses are malware, adware, spyware, computer worms, trojans, and rootkits. The main difference between all of them is what they were designed to do. Some of the most common reasons people develop virus software is to gain access to computers and personal files. Another reason might be to steal personal information from computer users by a method known as key logging which basically remembers the keystrokes of the computers keyboard and gives the virus developer access to information like banking accounts and pin numbers, website username and passwords, credit card information and a whole lot of other information that can ultimately lead to identity theft.

If you have any questions, please check out our Virus Removal FAQ section.